zaterdag 28 maart 2009

My eBay

This week i had two pretty nice high top vintage nike sneakers in My eBay:
Nike air force 180 pump (one of those sneakers i REALLY would like to have 1 day) and Nike air mach force.
the air force 180's went for 285$ and were actually in a pretty good shape.

the nike air mach forces went for only 80$.

And these... yeah these were only in my eBay because the buy it now price was 19.999 $
plus this pair is so fucked up! A nice useless way of spending your money.


Even though I already have posted my first blog, I still think this blog needs an official introducing. So these are pretty much the things you can expect to see on this blog:
- vintage) shoes (mostly nike)
- cool youtube movies
- stuff that was in My ebay
- maybe some cool pictures

and other cool random stuff =]